Soiless Farming – The Future

Coco peat or coir pith blocks as they are known are 100% organic and natural growing media

Grow Crops

Now Grow Crops, Vegetables, Flowers all year round


Environmentally Sustainable product

No Chemicals

No Chemicals used to manufacture cocopeat

Soilless Farming – The Future

The farming revolution is here and we have the finest quality cocopeat for your growing needs. Now you can grow micro greens & herbs, fruits, vegetables and flowers with less water and environmentally sustainable coir pith products derived from the best coconuts.

Agrico Products

Our range of Growing Media includes organic  and inorganically enriched media

Coco Peat 5kg blocks

Globalagrico Cocopeat is produced from coconuts grown in Tamil Nadu, one of the main production areas for coconuts in the world, and known for high-quality coir.

Coco plugs

Made by compressing the coir peat into disc form and wound by non woven cloth Coco plugs made out of non-woven cloth are 100% biodegradable.

Coco grow cubes

Coco Grow Cubes  / Coco Propagation CubesThe Propagation Cube absorbs water and nutrients via the drainage slits and expands into

Grow your products with cocopeat