Coco peat or coir pith blocks as they are known are 100% organic and natural growing media

What is Cocopeat

Coco peat is a multipurpose growing medium. Hydroponic growers can use Globalagrico cocopeat as a natural soilless growing medium to produce high yielding quality vegetables and cut flowers. Coco peat is increasingly being used instead of rock wool and peat moss as a hydroponic growing medium

As a potting mix

Coir pith block can be used as a potting medium. It can be mixed with required fertilizers and nutrients according to the type of plant to be grown.

For mushroom growers

Coir pith blocks are being used by a lot of mushroom growers around the world for the large-scale production of edible mushrooms.

As a soil supplement

Re-hydrated coir block mixed with soil improves water holding capacity and aeration.

For generating seeds

Coir dust in starter containers speeds up germination and profuse rooting of the seedlings.

For tissue cultured plan

Wetted coir brick in poly bags encourages the initial growth phase of tissue cultured plants and grafted seedlings.

Increased air porosity

Coir being fibrous in nature holds many air pockets which helps the crops to root easily and profusely. This increases the surface area of the root system thereby facilitating better absorption of nutrients from soil.

Good water retention

Absorbs water rapidly and holds it for longer periods preventing desiccation of plants during hotter climates especially in tropical areas.

Eco friendly component of soil

Coir amended soil combats bacterial and fungal infections. Coir has a plant origin and therefore is 100% biodegradable. Periodical release of nutrients from coir helps to keep the soil rich for all seasons

Reduces Irrigation Frequency

Irrigation of coir-grown plants may be done at longer intervals as the moisture holding capability of coir is high. It can be reused for up to 4 years.

Coir pith / Cocopeat

  • Good water retention
  • Increased aeration
  • Quick wettability
  • A solid potting medium and substratum for plants

Chemical Properties

  • 100% organic
  • Holds water seven times its weight.
  • Contains natural rooting hormones.
  • A pH of 5.2 to 6.8 ideal for plant growth.
  • EC not more than 500 (us/cm)

Soilless Farming – The Future

The farming revolution is here and we have the finest quality cocopeat for your growing needs. Now you can grow micro greens & herbs, fruits, vegetables and flowers with less water and environmentally sustainable coir pith products derived from the best coconuts.

Grow your products with cocopeat